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Going back to school

Before going back to school, even technical school, do in-depth research on what fields of study actually will employ felons & also what fields actually have job openings.  My son was really interested in welding and didn’t want to take any other course of study.  Now he’s finding that the welding jobs here are saturated & if there are 3 openings and 5 applicants, you know the felon isn’t going to get a chance, especially with no experience.

Here are several fields to not try to enter if you have a record:

Health care – though there are jobs in this field, most hospitals now have a NO FELONY CONVICTION rule – no exceptions

Law enforcement & related fields – I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it applies not only to cops, but to lawyers, legal assistants, crime scene investigators, crime lab workers, & probably to legal secretaries

Also, there are jobs which may require you to travel or relocate.  Know that as long as you are on parole, this is a problem.

There are probably other fields as well, but these are the 2 we know of personally.  Don’t count on your parole officer knowing this information – ours certainly didn’t.

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